Microwave Services

Acom currently provides microwave design services from concept through integration for its wireless clients.  We use high tech path survey equipment and techniques to verify terrain obstructions, diffraction, and potential multipath  conditions.

Through the use of Pathloss our engineering team can perform quick donor searches for sites in need of a solution and immediately move to the field to collect and verify findings.  A detailed site and path survey is conducted to ensure that a microwave path can be installed and integrated as designed, to meet all Fresnel zone clearance requirements.  This will ensure proper link design and reliability is achieved.

Microwave Services Include:

  • Initial donor search to identify all potential donor candidates
  • Real Estate review of candidate site ownership to reduce potential monthly recurring leases, where possible
  • Site and path survey to identify feasibility, grazing, and adequate Fresnel zone clearance
  • Microwave path engineering across all radio OEM's and antenna manufacturers
  • Frequency coordination and spectrum analysis
  • Licensing with the FCC to obtain Conditional Temporary Authorizations and Grants
  • Complete any necessary Real Estate leasing and permitting for microwave antenna installations
  • Microwave path design engineering package with bill of materials and scope of installation
  • Project construction management of link installation to ensure path is stalled as designed and meets reliability objectives and client quality standards