With over 60 years of combined experience, Acom Consulting Inc. has the wireless expertise and the ability to successfully design and manage, to completion, all of your site development needs.  Acom is a professional technical services company providing detailed engineering and program management services on wireless projects from concept through integration.

Over the last three years Acom Consulting Inc. has built Real Estate, A&E and Transport Engineering teams.  We have completed over 300 fiber-to-the-cell projects, 200 microwave path and survey designs, and managed over 300 ethernet backhaul projects for multiple carriers.

With our depth of industry knowledge across all network development roles, Acom Consulting Inc. has the wireless expertise to grow your network successfully.

    •    Land Development and existing site modification services
    •    Architectural and engineering services
    •    Fiber-to-the-Cell, engineering, and provider coordination
    •    Microwave path survey, design, frequency coordination
    •    Ethernet fronthaul and backhaul system engineering from core to edge
    •    Site audits for real estate and environmental compliance